FMCB Free Mcboot Finland
Install FMCB with GameShark and the SwapTrick
Written by creaper

Hope this helps others who only have access to a Gameshark like I SharkPort needed.
Note:  Not all versions of GS are going to work and  its not recommended to go buy one just for the FMCB installation.

Hardware needed:

  • Playstation 2
  • A PS2 memory card.    -    No a MC for PS1 will not work.
  • Two CD-Rs if no USB devices  -   I don't think DVD+-Rs will work. My PS2(thick) didn't sound like it would even attempt to look at burned DVDs. Yes sound... I have been using computers for 25+ years and work as a repair tech you get used to them.
  • A Gameshark retail Disc.- If you happen to have a GS disc, you could try this and see if it works for you. GS v2 1.3 does not work, so older versions most likely wont either.
  • A Hard Drive installed.  -  If you don't know how to do this then read some forums and tutorials, or just give up now.
  • A Knife-Swap Tool. - Its a method to swap a PS2 game disc for a burned disc by sliding a small white pin under the CD tray. You can find a tutorial to create one [HERE] at SKSApps. FAT consoles only, Slim users will need to modify the sensors for disc swapping.

Software Needed:

Free MC Boot. [Official release]. Or [Noobie Package]
uLaunchElf. Obtainable from SKSApps located [HERE] Already included with the Noobie package
HDLoader. Obtainable from SKSApps located [HERE] Already included with the Noobie package


First let's start by creating the CD-R(s) needed to transfer the programs into the MC. 

Get a pre-made ISO of uLaunchELF from [HERE] or [HERE].  Burn the .ISO of uLaunchElf to a CD-R using your favorite burning software.

Next decompress the contents of Free MC Boot somewhere on your PC (if your using the Noobie Package, skip the rest of this part) as well as the contents of HDLoader, and uLaunchElf (use a different directory for each package!). Now copy the HDL*_CD.ELF file from the HDLoader directory and paste it into the FMCB\INSTALL\ directory and rename it too HDLOADER.ELF. Then copy ULE_*.ELF file from the uLaunchElf directory and paste it into the FMCB\INSTALL\ directory and rename it too BOOT.ELF.

Choose CD or USB to install from:
1)Using your favorite burning software, burn all of the contents of your Free MC Boot(FMCB) directory to the other CD-R.  follow this CD Guide.

2)If you have a USB stick, you can alternatively put those files on it and boot the FMCB Installer once uLaunchELF is running.

Booting the CD on your PS2:

Your half-way there! Well hopefully.. It isn't that hard.....

Onto loading it all into the PS2. Boot your PS2 using your Gameshark retail disc. After Gameshark is fully booted to it's menu use the Knife-Swap tool to eject the disc and insert the uLaunchElf disc you created earlier. On the Gameshark menu select to start a game without cheatcodes. After a few seconds you should see uLaunchElf menu.

Install from CD
You do not need to select anything in uLaunchElf at this point. Instead use the Knife-Swap tool to eject the ULE disc. BE CAREFUL! The ULE disc does not spin down. You could damage your PS2 or the disc while ejecting!
Insert the FMCB disc then on the ULE menu select CDFS:. If after selecting CDFS: you do not see anything on the menu except the option to goto the previous directory indicated by two periods "..". Select that option and give the PS2 time to read the newely inserted disc, then try again.

You should see a file named Free_MCBOOT.ELF. Select it and wait for FMCB to load. Following part of the tutorial located [HERE] install FMCB(NOTE: During the installation for FMCB it will tell you that it cannot locate a BOOT.ELF, ignore the error and continue to install FMCB per the tutorial.)
For some reason FMCB doesn't see the BOOT.ELF and the HDLOADER.ELF on the CD-R. But we can fix this later.

When FMCB has finished installing, restart the PS2 and boot from the Gameshark retail CD again so we can fix the issue with ULE(BOOT.ELF) and HDLoader(HDLOADER.ELF) not installing correctly.
Same as before wait for the Gameshark Menu, knife-swap it for the ULE CD-R. Once ULE is booted, Knife-Swap it for the FMCB CD-R(since it contains the .ELFs for ULE and HDLoader). Using the ULE menu system, copy the BOOT.ELF and HDLOADER.ELF from the CDFS:/LAUNCH directory to MC0:/BOOT directory.
Reboot the PS2 without any disc and ULE and HDLoader magically appear on the menu! Your done... copy your .ISOs to your HD and have fun!

Install from USB

Press O to open FileBrowser
Select mass:/ and choose FREE_MCBOOT.ELF
Press O to launch the app

If you used the Noobie Package, you shouldnt need to configure anything to start using Free McBoot, just install it (read the User Guides) , then remove the USB stick and uLE disc, restart the console and you should now see the new menu where you can choose uLaunchELF, ESR, HD Loader and SMS.